Saturday, November 27, 2010

Snow at last

OK, it wasn't much, even by the standards of a transplanted Deep Southerner, but some of it is still around at the end of the day (which doesn't happen in the Deep South). But it was neat to see a few flakes turn into serious snow, even if only for a few minutes. There is still snow on the deck, and for a time, the green pool cover turned white. (BP the alligator has gone for his winter hibernation indoors...deflated.)

In the middle of it, a phone call from the tire dealer asking us how we like our new tires (mine, all weather; his, snow tires). I said, "Well, it's finally snowing. Call us again after we've had time to try them out."

The next opportunity for snow, according to The Weather Channel, is late next week. We'll see!

Tomorrow is the first Sunday in Advent, the first Sunday in the official liturgical year, but with it falling on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I'm not sure how many people will be back from their travels and in church. I have spent the holiday at home, doing battle with a respiratory illness and mostly losing. At least the fever has abated. All I want is to have enough energy and voice to make it through two services tomorrow. One day at a time.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Waiting for snow

Okay, it's mid-November. Most of the trees are now bare, and since we went back to standard time, the sun is setting in the North Country around 4:30 in the afternoon (soon to be even earlier).

I am now the proud owner of $800 worth of "all-weather tires" on the Evacumobile, as well as a new battery (the four-year-old one was pronounced not fit to survive the winter), and the biggest windshield wipers I have ever seen (to stand up against snow and ice).

So where's the snow? I remember from my college days at Syracuse that it usually shows up by now. And the Midwest has had a couple of big ole nasty storms already.

Mind you, I'm not complaining that it's still 50 degrees and the sun is shining the past few days. I'm just, well, dying of suspense. Let it snow, and let's get that first one over with!

Yesterday I saw a photo in an online article of a snow-covered New England country house. Soft, beautiful snow on the roof, snow in the yard, snow in the trees, soft golden light coming from the windows at dusk. The article was about romantic weekend getaways in New England bed-and-breakfasts during the Thanksgiving to Christmas season.

Hey, we're ready for our own weekend getaway-at-home, just a ferry ride away from New England! The front porch is stacked with firewood! How about a lovely snow-covered roof and yard at OUR house, not to mention smoke coming up from the chimney, so we can take pictures to send with the Christmas letter?

Oh, right. I work weekends, and especially between now and Christmas. Scrap the weekend getaway. I'll settle for my day off. Or any snow days that may come along.

When February rolls around, I am going to go back to this entry and groan. I just know it.