Monday, August 30, 2010

New life, new blog

Once there was an eight-year-old girl who started a newspaper at her grandmother's kitchen table and called it The Daily Cattown News. She grew up, life changed, and in the bizarre world of post-Katrina New Orleans, she found herself living in her grandmother's house and writing once again at that kitchen table.  She created a blog and called it The Daily Cattown News.

And one Saturday in the late winter of 2010, on the day before THE SAINTS WON THE SUPER BOWL, she spent the day at that table writing out wedding invitations. Once again, her life was about to change dramatically.

Newly married, she and her husband set out in the spring to start a new life in a new place, far distant from New Orleans. With her three cats and his dog, they set out on a great adventure involving two vehicles, four days and three nights on the road, separate rooms for cats and dog in "pet friendly motels," tornado activity across the Deep South, a late-spring snowstorm in the North, and, in the end, no real mishaps along the way, which was a blessing.

And they came to their new home in the North Country and settled in. The new home has a swimming pool. While on their honeymoon in Pensacola Beach, Florida, they acquired a five-foot alligator (not a real one but a blow-up toy!) for their new swimming pool. They believe they are the only family in their community with a geniune plastic Florida alligator in their swimming pool. In light of the oil spill, just weeks after their honeymoon, that has devastated the Gulf of Mexico as far east as Pensacola, they decided to name the alligator BP. (Well, it IS the right shade of green.) In the mornings they sit at that kitchen table that came with them from her grandmother's house in New Orleans, and watch BP sail across the pool, buffeted by currents coming from the filter as well as the prevailing winds.

It's a new life and a new blog. Come, sail along!